RonaldJWatkins.com has existed for some 25 years. I obtained it in the beginning primarily to protect the URL that is my name. I also acquired RonWatkins.com for the same reason. For most of the previous decades RonaldJWatkins.com has been my author website, informing visitors about my books and generating interest. RonWatkins.com was my ghostwriting site, designed to promote the business that was my primary livelihood for many years. But all things change. I’ve been largely retired for the last seven years, living a quiet life in the Andes of South America and no longer ghostwrite. I have done some of my own writing; more about that later.

But RonaldJWatkins.com and RonWatkins.com weren’t my only websites. For some ten years I had SunnyBlog.com. There I posted my opinions on a wide range of current subjects. It was linked by Instapundit and others more than once. I enjoyed doing it but I never rose above 1,000 unique visits a day and in the end decided I really had nothing to offer to visitors that they couldn’t get elsewhere.

The revised RonaldJWatkins.com will again host my views on social and political issues. I have a broad range of interest and will write about those as well. I’ll also be including reviews of books I’ve enjoyed. I’m a voracious reader, consuming three to five books a week and look forward to sharing.

This new version of my website also offers visitors an opportunity to assist in the writing of my latest book, a sci/fi adventure, THE LOST CITY OF ZANTHOS 3: Book 1 of the AI Alien Chronicles. Click above on Book in Progress then post your suggestions on how the plot should unfold. It’s a chance to be part of writing creative process. No fame, no money, just the satisfaction of having taken part.

Finally, along the right hand column you will see a selection of my books, going back some 30 years. Feel free to click on the cover, visit the Amazon page and if you like what you see, buy the book. You’ll be helping me out but more importantly you’ll have an enjoyable time reading the book. From time to time I’ll post a featured book for special attention.

That’s it. I’ll be posting and linking at least once a week, perhaps more often depending and welcome your comments.